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MedicarePlan65 was designed to make finding a Medicare plan easier. Our goal is to provide fast and friendly service, and to help you get the best plan.

Americans can choose from more than 2,000 private health insurance plans when buying coverage on the health exchanges that will be operational during open enrollment. The exchanges will only be available for those Americans who don't have coverage through their employer. These plans will vary from plan to plan but provide some flexibility.

If you have Medicare, you should check out our recommendations for the top 10 supplemental Medicare plans. Medicare is the biggest single program for healthcare and is supported by about 50% of the United States' economy. By combining the resources of private insurers in the same market, Medicare enables us to offer affordable healthcare for people who may not otherwise have access. Medicare offers a wide variety of coverage including hospital services, skilled nursing care, prescription drugs, dental care and vision care.

Choosing a Medicare plan

We will help you figure out what you need to be covered for, and how much it costs.

Supplemental Medicare plans

Make sure you don't miss the deadline. Read all about Open Enrollment and why it matters.

Prescription Medication

Prescription Coverage

Knowing which prescriptions are covered in your plan can help you form a decision on what you should be supplementing in your plan.

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